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Women's Summer Study

Ladies of BRBC, we want to continue studying the attributes of God together this summer. So if you weren’t able to attend the winter/spring study on Tuesdays, here are some flexible options for you during the summer months.

We will be studying “Behold Your God” by Myrna Alexander. The book covers many of God’s attributes by focusing purely on the scriptures. Those who have attended the Coffee & Conversation evenings have experienced chapters from the book in our discussions. This study has already impacted many lives and will give you a much deeper, more accurate view of who God is.

Starting the week of June 19, we will be offering a Tuesday morning option at church (with childcare), as well as a yet-to-be-finalized evening option, hosted at Debbie Stevenson’s (me) home in Purcellville. The study will be 10 weeks.

Or another option is for many smaller groups to form throughout the church, whether with women in your LIFE Groups, neighbors or just friends getting together.

Please respond to this post to let us know that you want to attend and which option you prefer, as well as if you would need childcare for the Tuesday morning group. You may also sign up and ask questions at the table in the back of the sanctuary on two Sundays, June 4 and 11. 

If you signed up at the recent Faith & Fun event, you do not need to sign up again.

Let’s spend time together this summer getting to know our God more deeply and each other too.

Here’s a link to purchase the book “Behold Your God.”

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Becky Porter

Thank you for offering a Bible study this summer. The fellowship is wonderful and going deeper with God is such a blessing.

Bethany Johns

I will attend on Tuesday mornings and have 2 for childcare!

Hilary Thomas

Tuesdays and 2 for childcare:)

Holly Burke

Tuesday morning 2 for childcare

Sharon Awig

Tuesday morning 1 for childcare.

Leanne Manzo

i plan to attend the Tuesday morning & will need childcare, please.  Thank you!

Nicole Kavin

Tuesday Morning for me, 1 in childcare. :)

MaryAnne Armstrong

I think I can do this! woohoo!! Not sure yet if it will be Tuesday morning or evening (will likely depend on which evening). No child care needed. :)

Carri Casserino

I will attend when in town! Thank you for doing this study!

Amy George

I would love to join on Tuesday mornings. I will have 4 in child care.

Brittany Paist

I signed up at Faith & Fellowship – but don’t remember if I said I’ll do the evening option. Any idea which evening yet?

Jan Murphy

Great!! I’m excited you all can come! Hooray!! Brittany, I’m not sure which night. We’re having at least one study in the evening and it will be at Debbie Stevenson’s. I’ll check with her and Andrea Donnelly get back to you.

Mandy Rottman

I would like to come to the evening class. Thanks!

Kala Loveless

Tuesday for childcare

Jan Murphy

Hi Ladies! We’re so excited to have so many sign ups! We’re up to over 30 ladies now! You will love this study!

Can those of you who are interested in an evening study let us know if you have a preference for a particular night of the week? We may have enough for two evening groups so please let us know what night is best for you. Thanks so much!

Brittany Paist

My first choices for an evening would be Mondays or Thursdays, personally!

Jennifer Schlaudt

I would love an evening study too! Thursdays would work well, but I could do most any night.

MaryAnne Armstrong

Thursday evenings work well for me too.

Kala Loveless

Is it the book with the green background.

Jan Murphy

Yes! That’s the one!

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Kala Loveless


Tera Quink

I would like to do Tuesday am as well! I’ll have three for childcare.

Emily Cook

I would love to come if I can! I’d prefer evenings. Any evening besides Tuesday works for me!

Jan Murphy

This is so exciting Ladies! We have around 40 signed up! And LOTS of kids for the Tuesday morning where we do have child care provided. This will be a fun but meaningful summer! I’m so excited!

We will be doing a study on both Monday and Thursday evenings. Monday’s will be at Debbie Stevenson’s and Thursday will be either at the church or in Berryville with Andria Donnelly leading. Please let us know if Berryville is too far for you Thursday night ladies. We may have to start another study if it ends up at Andria’s house. Also, we encourage any of you who need a different date or want to do Skype weekly discussions from your own home, to get others together to join you. We’d love to see studies going on all over the place! It’s purely Scripture so this book you can easily do on your own. Thanks, Ladies! This is going to be a great summer!

Sylvia Devairakkam

I would love to come to the Tuesday morning study. Thank you.

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