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Ladies' Fall Bible Study

I am excited to announce that Experiencing the Heart of Jesus; Knowing His heart, Feeling His Love, by Max Lucado will be the ladies’ Bible study this Fall. The study begins on September 12th and goes through November 14th. We will meet at the church from 9:30 to 11:30 am and we will have free child care provided.  This study focuses on the following subjects each week: Experiencing the care, peace, grace, freedom, joy, love power, forgiveness, prayer and hope we have in Jesus. I have already been moved by Max’s meaningful depictions of how much God loves us through His Son! It is a ten week study so order your book now and start on the first lesson, as we will jump right in! Here’s the link:

We will have sign ups on the back of the church or feel free to sign up here on the City. You can also contact me directly at I hope you all can come! We have a wonderful time studying together and supporting each other in prayer.  Come join us grow together while we study His Word.

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Rita Staton

Hi!  I have not been able to commit to a Bible study with BRBC before, but I finally can.  I may have to duck out before 11:00 – if that’s okay.  For planning purposes, I do not need childcare, my children will be at school.  Looking forward to it!

Jan Murphy

Yay!! I’m so glad you are able to come! Leaving early is perfectly fine. We’re just happy you can be there!
See you on the 12th!

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