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DNow 2018 -- High School Retreat

By (Pastor) David Parker in High School Youth Group 11 months ago | 501 views
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It’s TIME!!! DNow (Discipleship Now) is just around the corner January 26-28, 2018. This annual youth event consistently has a huge impact on our students. So much so that many of our students continue to talk about it throughout the year.  Join us this year! Either as a student or volunteer. 

Registration Deadline – January 21. 

How to Sign Up:

  • Fill out the registration form attached below
  • Drop off your registration with payment at the church office. Payment method = cash or check. Please put both the registration and payment in an envelop with the student name and “DNow 2018” on the front. 
  • Registration deadline = January 21

Please pray! Pray God uses this weekend center our youth, our volunteer leaders, and our host home family all on Jesus. Pray that the gospel of Jesus Christ unities and propels our church towards the mission of building up and sending out disciples of HIM.  Pray now and expect to see God work. 

Note, this is open to all high school students! They don’t have to attend BRBC. Feel free to invite no-believing friends! But they also need to sign up :).


We cannot pull this off without help from many hospitable people in this church body. Please consider being a host home this year. As a host home volunteer you would be responsible for opening up your home to allow a group of students with an adult leader stay two evenings in your home. You would help transport the group to and from the church (address above) and serving breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning. 

If you have an interest in being a part, don’t wait to call or email me. Reach out now :) or 571-442-2548

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Discussion about this event

(Pastor) David Parker on 01/16/2018

If you sign up this Wednesday I’ll give you a free teapot filled with hershey kisses to share with everyone else who signed up this Wednesday!

Lori Horner on 01/17/2018

Alexis would like to go – I will bring her paperwork and payment on Sunday.  

Tim Stocker on 01/17/2018

Hey David. I already signed up last week, but can I sign up again so I can
have the hershey kisses?? Thanks ;)

On Jan 16, 2018 1:25 PM, “(Pastor) David Parker on The City” <
(email address removed)> wrote:

Jan 26 – Jan 28
Friday – Sunday
5:30 pm – 11:00 am
835 Lee Ave SW
Leesburg VA 20175
Map It

10006 people
are coming
Drew Stocker (3)

Heidi Koleszar (1)

Lori Horner (1)

Lydia Lancie (1)

(Pastor) David Parker (10000)

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